Every three minutes

An American WW2 poster. Not exactly a morale booster. Since the war hadn’t been brought home—no bombing of American cities, no battling armies in front yards—it seems like the Army’s War Information Office figured the public needed to be reminded that their sons, husbands, brothers and sweethearts were still getting killed with regularity. I suspect this is from 1944, probably later in the year, when the rapid advance across the plains of France bogged down in nasty fighting with desperate and fanatical Germans in the wooded hill country on the German border. Ugly stuff you never hear about anymore, and the dead piled up in neat statistical averages of twenty an hour and telegrams went out to homes four hundred and eighty times a day and the Army figured people needed to be reminded of that. The war wasn’t over yet.

(Though a pal suggests that this was not intended for the public but for the Army, for personnel not in combat units, which would’ve been most of them. Good point.)

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