Visions of Ceaușescu

Watching RT, it’s obvious that today’s protests scared the hell out of Russia’s political elite. Hence the reporting that the US was torn apart by violence and rage today, and the vile mainstream media is conspiring to attack Trump and insult his voters. It’s been said that Putin is absolutely terrified of revolution, and the thought of vast street protests in Moscow is his personal nightmare. You can only imagine what he imagined watching the news from America (not to mention across Europe) today. Should the same virus emerge in Russia, who knows what could happen. Putin was stationed in Dresden when the Berlin Wall fell, and he saw that regime dissolve around him, and once powerful people jailed, and illicit wealth seized. And he remembers what happened that year in Romania, too, when they shot down Ceaușescu and Mrs. Ceaușescu like dogs. It was on Christmas day. The officer in charge roughly tied their hands behind their backs as Mrs. Ceaușescu screamed you motherfuckers in Romanian and Ceaușescu attempted the Internationale. The firing squad shot them to pieces, 120 bullets were found in the bodies. There’s video, Mr. and Mrs Ceaușescu in the dirt riddled with bullets, twitching lifelessly as the final volley hit home. The footage was played and replayed endlessly on the news in 1989. You have to wonder how many times Putin saw it. No one really knows just how solid Putin’s political position is right now, but when change does come in Russia it’s like an avalanche.